WealthBridge is a B2B2C Roboplatform catering to the Banks and FI's in EMEA region.

It is built through a collaboration between

NewBridge Fintech Solutions, DIFC based wealth technology platform

NewBridge Fintech Solutions

Fundshop - A leading Roboplatform and Quant shop in France


Robo Advisory Engine

Institutional Process

Tailored and institutional level of portfolio management across client segments

Advanced Portfolio and Risk Management Technique

Risk and trend based algorithm to optimise and rebalance client portfolio

Fully Customisable

The engine can be white labelled and highly customised to the needs of our client.

Built to serve Banks and their customers

Banks outsource a global expertise of Financial Engineers , Portfolio Managers, R&D , Technology experts.

B2B2C Robo Platform

Our Solution



  • Behavioral Finance
  • Momentum
  • Risk Budgeting tools


  • Risk Premia Optimisation
  • Momentum
  • Risk Budgeting tools


  • 360 degree Reporting
  • Automatic Rebalancing
  • Multiple Underlying
  • Existing/New Portfolio
  • Market driven alerts

Product Offerings - Robo Advisory

Quantitative Strategy Built on Cutting Edge Empirical Research

Ongoing Optimization

  • Financial Market data

    Instruments prices, Macro indicators

  • Open Architecture Products

    Mutual Funds, ETFs, Stock, Bonds, Commodities, etc.

  • Client constraints:

    Investment Goals, Accepted Risk Levels, Mandate

Portfolio Construction and management models

  • Diversification

    Asset Class and Security Selection

  • Momentum

    Performance engine

  • Risk Budgeting

    Multi factor risk control: Cvar, Downside risk, Vol, Value

Introduction to Smart Invest and NewBridge Fintech

Unique Proposition

Why WealthBridge

Simple Client Interface

Seamless workflow

Local Presence, Global knowledge

UAE Based , French Quant Team

Scientific Risk Profiler

Behavioral Finance

Highly Customised for MENA

Shariah Compliant version

Uniquely Flexible

Any underlying, actionable insights, world class reporting